A six-year-old girl with a burden of the untold secret goes back through her memories to the mysterious
evening of her grandmother’s departure in order to change the past and save her granny from death.
A six-year-old girl Laura revisits her memories of the last evening spent with her grandmother Marcele.
At that time the girl broke the glass elephant figurine and kept it as a secret from the grandmother.
Laura thinks that this untold secret was the reason for Marcele's departure later that night. While
walking in her memories of that evening, Laura tries to change the past and save her grandmother.
However she’s only able to notice the new mysterious details that lead our protagonist to the
surrealistic desert, where the giant broken glass elephant comes to life and takes her grandmother
away. After this mysterious journey Laura discovers that it’s impossible to change the past, but she can
choose what to do with the present.
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